Chipolo - The Mercedes-Benz branded key finder.

Never lose your keys again.
Chipolo. Nothing is lost.

Nothing is lost.

We have all experienced that moment when you simply can’t find your keys, they usually turn up eventually, but it’s no fun searching for them. The new partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Chipolo helps drivers stay connected to the cars they love.

The Mercedes-Benz branded Bluetooth tracker can point you straight to your missing keys. Through the Chipolo app (available on Android and IOS) the car keys are wirelessly connected so that you can find them easily, ring when requested, and know when and where they became separated from a driver's phone.

Simply slip the Chipolo on your key ring and in the event that you do lose your keys, you can use the app to trigger the Chipolo's alarm, or bring up a map showing your key’s last known location. If your missing keys don’t appear on the map, you can set the app to notify you of when someone else with the Chipolo app comes near them.

You can also use the Chipolo to find your misplaced phone by pressing the center of the device attached to your keys, and activating an alarm on your phone.

Easy setup in 3 steps:

This helpful Mercedes-Benz branded car key finder is now available from our Parts Department.

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