The Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Now available at Mercedes-Benz Auckland.

Made for all moments.

With the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, families travel in new levels of comfort, adventure-seekers experience every moment even more intensely and passengers reach their destination as comfortably and stylishly as ever.

With Mercedes-Benz latest technology a safer and more comfortable ride is guaranteed plus space has never been this flexible. The versatile seating options allow you to carry up to 8 occupants through a host of configurations for maximum space.

Complimentary First 3 scheduled Services.

To further enhance the peace of mind motoring provided by our comprehensive warranty and roadside assistance package, Mercedes-Benz New Zealand is pleased to confirm the addition Complimentary Scheduled Service Plan that offers peace of mind for your first three scheduled services or up to 75,000km, whichever comes first.* 

To find out more or to arrange your test drive in the new V-Class, call us on 0800 267 253 or book your test drive online. 

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Owner's Responsibilities
The Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Service Plan has been designed to further enhance the peace of mind motoring. The owner’s responsibilities are to ensure the following basic conditions are fulfilled:

Owner's must maintain their Mercedes-Benz vehicle in accordance with the vehicle service schedule as indicated by the instrument cluster; andAll scheduled maintenance work must be performed within 30 days or 3000km due procedure by an authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer or an Authorised Mercedes-Benz Service Centre.
Failure to comply with the above requirements may void the Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Service Plan and vehicle warranty.
This Scheduled Service Plan will be void and automatically cease to operate if:
The owner or operator of the vehicle does anything which causes or would cause the Passenger Vehicle Warranty to cease to operate or expire; orThe vehicle is being or has been used for hire, driver instruction or conveyance of passengers for fare or courier purposes
The Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Service Plan shall not include or provide under its liability the following:
- Additional servicing or maintenance, parts or lubricants to perform maintenance not detailed in the vehicle service schedule or recommended by Mercedes-Benz;
- Vehicle registration, government licensing requirements, road user charges, fuel or insurance;
- Items subject to normal wear and tear including tyres, wheel alignments, brakes, wiper blades, oil top ups, bulb replacement, suspension components;
- Consequential damage due to neglect in relation to periodic and scheduled servicing;
- Breakages: glass, lenses, mirrors; body mounting
- Paint: touch-up of stone chips, repair of damage to body and wheels;
- Costs to the repair of items or assemblies not standard to the vehicle or non-genuine parts installed by any person other than an Authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer or an Authorised Mercedes-Benz Service Centre;
- Damage: any damage caused by the owner/driver or a third party - for example the Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Service Plan does not include repairs needed as a result of damage caused by an accident, theft, motor-sport involvement, misuse or acts of negligence – including any damage due to any causes listed in the Mercedes-Benz Warranty which are expressed as not covered under that warranty;
- Items covered by the Mercedes-Benz Warranty (which will be covered separately by the Mercedes-Benz Warranty only to the extent they are covered by, and not excluded from, the Passenger Vehicle Warranty); and
- Any servicing or work carried out on the vehicle by any person not authorised by Mercedes-Benz.
Please refer to your warranty manual for further details.